Looking for Apps to Help Pass the Time on Long Journeys?

For people like me who travel a lot for leisure or business purposes, bringing along some gadget(s) is the new way to kill time. Back then, we used to read books whenever we travel short or long distances. Thanks to advancements in technology and electronic gadgets like tablets and smartphones, we can now enjoy long trip due to the entertainment offered by these gadgets. This is one of the benefits of having tablets or smartphones. And it is because of the new applications or apps that we can download for free or for a minimal fee.

Best Reading Apps

Reading is still one of the best things we can do while traveling. The emergence of electronic books or e-books made it possible for avid readers to read a wide selection of digital books online with a tablet or smartphone. There are several apps providing reading entertainment for the traveler.

  • Kindle app from Amazon. This app will give you thousands of free and paid e-books in which you can access anytime as long as you have internet connection or you download the e-book.
  • Pocket. This app gives you the freedom of saving the articles and then read them anytime, online or offline.
  • World Travel Guide Offline Deluxe. If you are really an avid traveler, this app is for you. Just download this app and you can read information about thousands of interesting places worldwide.

There are more reading apps available online (in App Store for iOS and Google Play for android) just visit this site.

pandora-radioBest Music App

Do you love listening to music while on the road? Try the following as these deemed as the best music apps:

  • Spotify Premium. You can listen to thousands of songs with this app and even create your music playlist. You can use this app even offline.
  • Indie Shuffle. This app lets you listen to thousands of music form all music genre without the annoying advertisements.
  • Pandora. This app can create custom or personalized radio stations that are based on the artists or certain song.

Best Bingo Game

One of the best entertainment that tablets or smartphone can provide are the games, especially bingo games. Here are some of the no deposit mobile bingo apps:

  • mFortune Mobile Bingo
  • MMM Bingo
  • LadyLucks Mobile Bingo


  1. I think I’m gonna need an app for apps if I ever get a tablet. It’s so foreign to me. :-)

  2. Such great info…thanks

  3. I love my soduku app

  4. I am always lookiny for good apps and i love playing bingo!

  5. I am always lookiny for good apps and i love playing bingo! Thanks for all of the great info!

  6. Thanks for sharing these! I’ll check them out when I get my ipad. :)

  7. I love my Kindle app but I’m going to check Pocket, sounds interesting!
    Gaby recently posted..Happy Valentine’s Day!

  8. somer webber says:

    thank’s for the info! I am going to use the app. when we get a tablet!

  9. This is a great collection of apps. Like that you put them all together in one place with a description.

  10. i love the Kindle app… and I’ve been using slacker radio and i like that pretty well. i don’t really play bingo anymore, but there’s thousands (maybe millions) of free games – solitaires, sudokus, mahjongs, tetris clones, trivia games, puzzle games, word games, card games, board games, driving games, anything you can imagine! i play Uno, Family Feud, Early Bird, and Pogo Games when on the bus or train or even waiting at the doctor’s office. i’m never bored, that’s for sure :-)

  11. ANDREA BULLOCK says:

    Hi..I need this info for traveling and I appreciate that you have done the research to take me straight to it for my use. Many thanks!

    RANDY FULGHAM recently posted..http://www.addthis.com/bookmark.php?v=250&pubid=eprizeaddthis

  13. Thanks for sharing these! I got an iPad mini for Christmas and I’ve been looking for new apps to download.

  14. We love amazon/kindle. Not sure how we would make it through a long road trip without them anymore!

  15. That sounds perfect for me. I get very nervous as a passenger in a car. If I don’t have something to read or a crossword puzzle I’m a basket case.

  16. Wow – things have sure come a long way from “I spy with my eye” , state license plates game and the ever infamous……Slug Bug!!!

  17. I am going to try the Indie SHuffle. We are driving to Florida this weekend.

  18. Casance Kendrick says:

    Great apps I need more other than the ones I already have and reading this has helped me out thanks

  19. Anika Hughes says:

    My favorite app is the Kindle. I love it. They offer so many free books that are actually worth reading.

  20. My favorite app would be the kindle.

  21. saminder gumer says:

    i will definitely look into some of these apps.

  22. Good list! I like iBooks personally but I have every single major book buying app downloaded lol. I use Barnes and Noble a lot too. Pocket is good too. You didn’t mention any games though or crosswords/wordfinds! Or our social media?? Well I guess it’s good to take a break. My favorite though is Flipboard and Zite for reading articles or my media site news! Way fun stuff comes up through the threads!

  23. Amanda Greene-Lebeck says:

    Great List. I love to read books, I dont know how well I would like reading them from a kindle or something of that sort though :/

  24. Wow, so much good information! Gotta come back with my tablet and download some stuff!! Thanks!

  25. I like this one I am going to try it

  26. The kindle app that provides thousands of free and paid e-books sounds great! Thanks for bringing it to my attention.
    Danette recently posted..Playing is Serious Business – Discover How to Make it Fun

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