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Google Nexus 32GB Tablet Giveaway

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  1. Bekah Campbell says:

    The year that my Dad played Santa at the big family Christmas party. He was pretty sneaky, but I knew it was him. Fortunately I was old enough to not blow it for the littler ones.

  2. Dani Osenbaugh says:

    My daughter’s first Christmas! She was 10 days old & so tiny!

  3. Sheila Owen says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is of my daughters first Christmas. She had such a blast playing with all the boxes and bows.

  4. Sandra VanHoey says:

    My favorite memory was just having my family together. I now have both parents, 2 brothers and a sister who passed at very young ages but just having us all here were many wonderful memories together

  5. Sledding down the hill with my cousins.
    Thanks for the contest.

  6. Sheri Ferguson says:

    One of my favorite christmas memories is opening gifts with my sister. She and I both opened up Baby-That-a-Ways and were so excited! Such fun!

  7. I loved Christmas when I was little at Grandma’s house. We would stay at her house. I remember being so worried that Santa wouldn’t know I wasn’t at home.

  8. Janice Dean says:

    My favorite Christmas memory was when I was 5 years old and discovered that “Santa” was really my dad in a Santa suit! Merry Christmas!

  9. Beth Gallinger says:

    Getting a NES when I was 9 or 10 was pretty awesome!

  10. One of my favorite Christmas memories is opening up gifts at my grandma’s house. They took all the grandkids to the garage and they had us all Red Barons lined up in 2 lines with the only male having a Green Machine at the front. It was great!

  11. My favorite memory is my first Christmas with my grandson when he was 9 months old.New babies always make the holidays special.

  12. stacey dempsey says:

    I think my favorite memory would be when I was a kid and we went back east to a small town where all of my relatives live.I have so many cousins and aunts and uncles and my grandparents are there too.It was a great Christmas and the food was amazing lol they are all farmers so they sure can cook

  13. Lisa Brown says:

    My favorite memories were the Christmases when my grandmother would arrive on Christmas eve, spend the night, and the entire family spent the day together…miss those days :)

  14. Claire Rheinheimer says:

    Christmas Eve of 2008 was the first Christmas my now husband and I spent together. I had some family over and he came to help make some of the food and spent the night with us. Christmas Day I spent the day with him and his family. It was one of the best Christmases I’ve had.

  15. Spending time with my family is always the best memory!

  16. My best Christmas memories was always when they were spent with my Mother & Father when they were still with us.

  17. Misha Estrada says:

    I can’t think of a particular favorite memory. I have always just loved Christmas. It’s the happiest time of the year. I love how excited my children get.

  18. Danielle Papsis says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is family gatherings at my grandparents on Christmas.

  19. Mindy Williams says:

    Spending time with my grandparents.

  20. Cathy French says:

    my favorite Christmas memory is when I caught my parents being Santa. Mom was hiding behind the tree and dad was walking up the basement steps with an arm load of presents. Guess they should have been a little quieter. Love my childhood Christmas memories

  21. My favorite Christmas memory is baking cookies with my mom and my sister. We lost my mom to breast cancer and I don’t get to see my sister very often but I think of those times very often.

  22. Emilie Proctor says:

    My favorite Christmas memories are digging through my stocking, fighting with my brothers, and baking with my mom!

  23. Going to my grandparents and seeing all my cousins

  24. Sandy Cain says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is when my boyfriend took me to see the tree lighting at Rockefeller Center. He loved me.

  25. Betty Jones says:

    My first year as a mom! Watching how excited my son was opening presents on Christmas morning.

  26. Katie Amanda says:

    I love Christmas eve dinner with my family. Yum!

  27. Vanessa Shirey says:

    My favourite tradition is watching Polar Express with my family Christmas Eve

  28. My parents had some bells they would jingle as the went to put the presents under the tree after we went to bed. I remember thinking it was Santa.

  29. I would have to say when my family would go to my aunts house christmas eve to celebrate with songs, games, a skit, the Christmas story, food, and presents. Then Christmas day they come to our house for our big dinner

  30. steve weber says:

    the last Christmas I had with my mother before she passed away.

  31. The first Christmas my oldest realized he got presents on Christmas morning. He was so excited.

  32. My favorite memories revolve around spending time with all of my cousins.

  33. My husband asked me to marry him on Christmas. It was spontaneous (unplanned) he had no ring, (still don’t) but it was so sweet!
    Allyson Bossie recently posted..Wonderfully Dysfunctional by Buffi Neal Blog Tour

  34. megan blumenthal says:

    Baking cookies with my mom and my sister.

  35. My favorite Christmas memory is the year my son was born. I guess you can’t get much more memorable than that

  36. Allison Downes says:

    My favorite Christmas memory was getting to spend time with some relatives for the first time.

    Thank you for the nice giveaway!

  37. The year we missed church and went out for Chinese food, now we go out for Chinese every Christmas Eve :)

  38. ellen beck says:

    My favorite memory is the year all of us got minibikes for Christmas!

  39. terra agueda says:

    favorite memory- walking through the santa’s village or neighborhoods all decorated with lights.

  40. Amanda Harper says:

    My best Christmas memory was when I was 9 and woke up to a scooter in the living room! It was actually warm enough to ride a little bit that day!

  41. One of my favorite Christmas memory was playing games with my relatives. The group was too big to do gifts for everyone, but we still had a lot of fun.

  42. My sister was able to come home from the hospital for Christmas but had to go back in the next day. She is doing well now.

  43. Just waking up on Christmas Morning… The excitement to see what Santa brought… The joys of childhood =)

  44. Favorite memory was when my husband, 2 little kids, and I picked out and cut down our “live” tree.

  45. Robin Abrams says:

    Going to my Grandparents house Christmas morning sitting around the tree with my cousins

  46. My favorite Christmas memory is as a child visiting family and friends on Christmas Eve.

  47. melissaandkeith miller says:

    when my hubby proposed on Christmas eve

  48. Perhaps one of my favorites is my son’s first Christmas..such a special time!!
    Randi S recently posted..A Gift For Him: Wahl Lithium Ion Clippers {A Holiday Gift Guide Review}

  49. Cindi Decker says:

    Going to my grandparents house and having all of the family there on Christmas Eve.

  50. Waking up early on Christmas morning and grabbing my stocking and taking a peek as to what was inside.

  51. Kerri Stewart says:

    My fondest memory is going Christmas caroling with my parents as a child then coming home & baking cookies with my Mom. :D

  52. My favorite memories are my daughter’s first Christmases. So in awe of everything!
    Brooke B. recently posted..Reviews: The Year the Cat Saved Christmas and Mrs. Scrooge by Barbara Bretton

  53. Josie Hernandez says:

    Spending time with the people you love is the best Christmas memory there is.

  54. jacquelin kulpinski says:

    Cooking with my mom! We cook dinner together every year.

  55. Tanya Holland says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is probably when I was younger and my dad was still here. Him and my mom would always be up extra early sitting at the table with coffee and breakfast already made for us a 6am.

  56. I have a huge family. And when I was a little girl, all of my family would come to my mom’s house for Christmas, regardless of what state they lived in or whether they couldn’t afford Christmas presents for everyone or not. It wasn’t about gifts or money like so many look at it now. It was about family and traditions, and everyone just getting to spend time together as a whole. Now, most of my family is so spread out across America, and they simply don’t care to be around everyone. They all have their own traditions with friends or their immediate family. I cherish the memories from when I was younger.

  57. Leaving town to go visit my cousins.

  58. Just spending time with my extended family and grandparents.

  59. My favorite Christmas memory is my sons first Christmas. We played with boxes, wrapping paper and bows all morning. He eventually got around to the toys, but we had a ton of fun with the packaging.

  60. Emily Sullivan says:

    My great grandparents being there

  61. marge johnson says:

    Dinner with my whole family. Everyone moved away so we don’t see each other as often anymore.

  62. My Christmas memory complete family.and many gift and food gift card

  63. This year I want tablet for Christmas by myself I wish we gave her to me (joke )becmause I don’t have to buy this tablet can afford and.we gave this to
    Daughter kimplspickme

  64. My fav Christmas Memory is when my Grandfather drove back in a snow storm to get the leftovers from the 1st turkey dinner I made at 14. My Mom was sick that year so I did the turkey… it made me happy they liked it that much!


  65. Tabitha P. says:

    My best Christmas memory was when I was 10.
    Under the tree Santa left me a tv.
    O-M-G,was I thrilled!

  66. tegan shaw says:

    Going to moms for Christmas. She passed away last year.

  67. Kris Garvey says:

    My favorite memory is Christmas 2010 when my then boyfriend proposed to me with my mom’s engagement ring, and we went together later that week to have her diamond reset in a new setting he picked for me :-)

  68. Jessica Fortner says:

    My favorite holiday memories were my sons’ first Christmases and their adorable little outfits and photos.

  69. Dancing and singing with my dad as a kid while my mom cooked! I love the Holidays

  70. David Smith says:

    I remember my son’s 1st Christmas. We got him a musical toy that lighted up. He was almost 3 months old. The toy had hanging shapes that he could grab onto and pull and light-up piano keys that he could play while standing up when he was older. We put him on the floor and sit this toy over him so he could reach the pulls. He laid there and played with it for about 45 minutes pulling on the shapes and watching the lights come on and listening to the music it played. He had a lot of fun with that toy. Now he’s 13 and learning to play the guitar.

  71. Kylee Pruitt says:

    I think my children’s first Christmases would be the top of my list. Second is last year. My parents surprised me with an all white 4 ft Christmas tree with pink and purple decorations. They had it in a bag and wrapped. They surprised me with this because I had said I wanted it for my two daughters I have lost. I wanted a tree in honor of them but my other two kids didn’t want a pink and purple tree they wanted a colorful tree. So I obliged and we did our colorful tree. But my parents got this one just for me :)

  72. Nettie Larson says:

    Any Christmas with my dad! He passed when I was 8 so I don’t remember many.

  73. Going sledding Christmas day with my kids. They love it!

  74. Johnny Rachel Miller says:

    Our first Christmas in Natchitoches, LA.

  75. Spending time with Grandma & Grandpa & All My Cousins.
    Jennifer recently posted..Princess London’s Tutu Boutique Giveaway

  76. margo rowan says:

    We go caroling every single year! The kids love singing to the neighbors.

  77. Attending the Christmas mass with family before having a nice dinner.

  78. my favorite memory is coming home and finding that my mom put cloves in oranges and the whole house smelled wonderful

  79. heather baker says:

    Baking with my grandma and brother is always my fondest memory.

  80. Stephanie Ann says:

    we spent Christmas one year at the mountains, and it snowed all day! it was such a beautiful Christmas and we had a great time!!

  81. When I was younger my favorite was the Christmas when I got my Strawberry Shortcake Kitchen Set. I still have it too.

  82. When I was 7 and opening my present. It was beautiful Barbie. I loved her dress.

  83. sara klout says:

    Making Carrot cake with my grandmother. Not that she has passed I make it with my kids. I love traditions.

  84. Heather Smith says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is the magic that my mother created for us as children. Waking up on Christmas morning and realizing what day it was and then waking up our exhausted mom, full of excitement and giggles. Running to the living room to sit amongst the unopened presents as we opened our stockings first. And then tearing open the wrapping paper to find the toy(s) we wanted so desperately. It was all so magical.

  85. larry kraft says:

    My family bakes cookies every Christmas eve. We spend the whole day baking and watching holiday movies.

  86. christine burd says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is of my dad having all of us kids and mom pray at the top of the stairs before we went down to open presents. We were so antsy but understood that we should be thankful for our gifts. I love that memory even more now that dad is gone.

  87. Ellen Thompson says:

    My favorite memory is the Christmas that my little brother got a pony. Santa Claus brought it and left it in the backyard and on Christmas morning we all went running outside on the back porch to see her.

  88. Wendy Pogrant says:

    Last year just watching my grandson open his gifts.

  89. linda berr says:

    Going caroling with my kids and my mom! We do it every single year to the local retirement home.

  90. One year as a kid I got everything on my wishlist.

  91. rebeka deleon says:

    my favorite memories are going to my grandparents house on my dad’s side because the whole family would be there! it was fun and crazy. such great times with my cousins.

  92. Coming home from the hospital with my new daughter.

  93. Nicole Bear says:

    One of my favorite Christmas memories is going into the woods with my dad to cut our Christmas tree. Finding just the right one was so special. They looked a lot smaller in the forest than when we got them home and tried to get them through the front door!

  94. My mom used to read the same book with me every Christmas Eve.

  95. My favorite Christmas memory is going to cut down our own tree and decorating it!

  96. My favorite Christmas memories are from when my children were little.

  97. My fav memory is when I got my puppy at 8 years old. Pepper has since passed on, but I will never forget that sheer excitement! It was an awesome morning.
    Megan recently posted..Monday with Megan- Deals on toys and Very Jane!

  98. My favorite memory is from two years ago when we surprised our daughter with a train table. She was so excited!

  99. I fondly remember the Christmas when I was 12 – my parents gave me a puppy! I had been begging for a dog for years, and I was absolutely shocked and sooooo excited when they actually gave me one! She has been a great dog, and is still with me at 15 years old. She’s slow and deaf now, but still just as sweet.

  100. Jeanette Jackson says:

    My favorite is when my brother surprised my sister and I with a puppy.

  101. my favorite christmas memory was having everyone there for one night to celebrate christmas as a WHOLE family. Everyone getting along and pleasant with each other. I miss that. These days we don’t know whether we’re spending it as a family or not but i try to suggest it.

  102. My favorite Christmas memories are ones spent with family. And the year I got my first car. It was used but it was MINE … and my mom and dad did put a big red bow on it. =) It was in 1988 and it was a White 1980 Chevy Citation … 4 speed. The muffler kept falling off no matter how many times it was welded on, lol … until hubby (Then b/f) put it up with a coat hanger. My dad was so mad, hehe.

  103. Bethany C. says:

    I love every Christmas Eve I get to spend with my whole family. I look forward to it every year.

  104. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    Going sledding with my cousins on Christmas Eve every year

  105. Carolann Leibenguth says:

    My sons third Christmas was such a happy time. I loved watching his excitement and wonder. This was the first Christmas that he started to get excited.

  106. My favorite Christmas memory is the year my parents were flat broke and there were 6 of us kids but Santa brought us each what we asked for. My poor parents must have had to work really hard that Christmas. I got a doll buggy.
    Winter recently posted..Coming soon Samsung Galaxy Tab Giveaway

  107. Darlene Jones-Nelson says:

    My favorite Christmas memory was eating too much candy and my mom giving me Pepto Bismal and then having a pink area rug sometime later due to me puking it all up!

  108. When me and my brothers unwrapped all the presents in the middle of the night and then rewrapped them and sneaking them all back under the tree!

  109. Harlena Dyer says:

    My favorite memory is when I was finally old enough to make cookies with my grandmothers

  110. T.J. Wallace says:

    I have such wonderful memories of the Christmas Eves of my childhood. My great aunt, who was like a grandma, would host a big party with wonderful Italian food, and we would get to play with all our cousins. It was so much fun!

  111. My favorite memory was the first Christmas that I celebrated with my family in US 6 years ago! I love it!
    Thank You

  112. soha molina says:

    My daughter’s first

  113. One of my favorite memories is the year I got a new red bike. I always had 2nd hand bikes so I was so excited. I made my dad take it outside right away and I rode in the snow still in my PJ’s.

  114. illy junus says:

    my son first Christmas and he’s so scared of Santa

  115. Nancy Dyer says:

    When I was around five years old and my Aunt surprised me with a doll I had been wanting.

  116. Angel Hunnell says:

    The year my doll and I got matching PJs was pretty awesome.

  117. My favorite memories are seeing my daughters’ expressions when they experience Christmas for the first times.

  118. A few years back we were able to have my entire family get together for Christmas. It was wonderful.

  119. One of my favorite memories is opening a rock tumbler when I was 7 or so. I made such a mess of it and eventually got it stuck shut. It was so much fun, lol.
    Billie recently posted..Ciao Bella Gelato Review

  120. My favorite Christmas memory was waking up early on Xmas morning and finding that “Santa” had left a hand-written note to say thank you for the cookies we left him and the carrots we left the reindeer. There were always a few bites of each left, and the note was always messy “because Santa wrote it with his gloves on”. My parents are awesome :)

  121. One of my favorite Christmas memories is staying up late cutting paper snowflakes with my cousin that I only got to see maybe once a year!

  122. jodi frasier/lasher says:

    My favorite memory was getting my first atv for christmas. I think i was like 10 and i was so excited. Thanks

  123. Amanda Hendricks-Selby says:

    The year I figured out my grandpa was the town santa. It didn’t ruin the idea of santa for me, it made me think grandpa was magic.

  124. My best Christmas memory is last year, I got to see my daughter for Christmas. She lives far enough away that we never see each other in person.

  125. My best Christmas memories is me with all my family.

  126. Decorating with the family. Everyone had their own favorite decoration to put up.

  127. My favorite memories were Christmas Eve’s at my Aunt’s when I was growing up. It was such and Italian tradition and I looked forward to it every year. Now my favorite holiday memories are watching my kids each year.

  128. Growing up my mom would always give me and my brother a silly gift. My favorite was the time she woke us up early with water guns and Sock ‘em Boppers. We had a huge slugfest/water fight, trashed the house, she just laughed hysterically while squirting us from behind the couch. If I ever have kids I’m going to start the same silly gift tradition and wake them up with laughter on Christmas morning.
    Tanyatopia recently posted..DIY Leopard Print Nails in 7 Steps

  129. My favorite Christmas memory is when Cabbage Patch Kids first came out my dad tried to get my sister and I one and one of them arrived but not the other. So, with the help of my Grandma, my dad made me a “Cabbage Patch” doll out of pantyhose and my Grandma sewed clothes for her. The doll did finally arrive in time but my dad also gave me the one he made me for Christmas. Best. Ever. I still have it too!

  130. Colleen Boudreau says:

    When I was little when we used to have all the Christmas parties at my house.

  131. Mary Withrow says:

    Trading that one gift on Christmas eve, family gathering from all around the world and just spending quality time together. My favorite was ice skating all night (Christmas Eve) and coming home to a tree filled with gifts and breakfast scents filling the air!

  132. Jill Edwards says:

    Any Christmas when my dad was still alive. Playing with new toys and wrapping paper and not having a care in the world. Good memories.

  133. My favorite memory is waking up at 6am every Christmas to open gifts, no matter how old I am. Also, the only other Christmas I can remember clearly is the one year I apparently begged for a Game Boy Advance and my parents got it for me for Christmas, along with two video games.

  134. Derek Diercksmeier says:

    Christmas dinner with my whole family.

  135. I remembe rone year when I got a bunch of stuff from unexpected people. I loved it!
    cole recently posted..My Christmas Wishlist

  136. favorite memory is always christmas dinner.

  137. My favorite memory is the new I am going to make this year. Cheers

  138. my grand ma gave me Barbie when I was 7.

  139. Terra Heck says:

    My favorite was in 2006. It was the last Christmas I spent with my father before he passed away a few months later. I’m glad that we took several pictures of him that Christmas. Thanks.

  140. Adrienne Gordon says:

    I love going caroling every year

  141. Kahtyrn Mackey says:

    My favorite memries is when I got a bycyle for Chrstmas and the wonderful times we had around the Christmas tree

  142. My favorite Christmas memory is from last year. We had bought our two year old grandson a ride-on toy, and when he started unwrapping it, he got so excited that he pushed the paper aside and climbed into the box and sat on the truck. It was a priceless moment.
    TAMMY CUEVAS recently posted..Fair Disclosure by Joyce T Strand

  143. rod jackson says:

    Sledding with my father.

  144. My favorite memory as a kid was when we got a puppy for Christmas, a dalmatian named Dallas. She passed away a few years ago. She was my first and favorite dog!!

  145. Getting up early Christmas morning to open our stockings.

  146. One year our tree fell over while we were decorating it. Right on top of my brother. He didn’t get hurt and we only broke one ornament!

  147. Ghassan Alsaleh says:

    My mother’s biscuits is my lovely memory

  148. Laura Lanza says:

    When I was a kid and opening my barbie dollhouse.

  149. Doreen Lamoureux says:

    All the boys were here and they were making beautiful music with their voices, guitars and drums. Very special.

  150. Cathy Naughton says:

    Singing Christmas Carols with family

  151. My favorite memory is when we used to go to my Dads side every Christmas Eve for a party. My uncle would dress up as Santa and give out presents. My godmother was still alive and used to buy me ridiculous amounts of presents. I miss her a lot. Too many ppl are gone from that side so we don’t do anything anymore…
    Caitlyn S. recently posted..Sale at Plum District for Gorjana and Griffin $30 for $60 worth of jewelry

  152. My favorite memory would be when I got the original Nintendo Entertainment System as a child.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  153. Shirley Smith says:

    My favorite Christmas memory was having the privilage to bake Christmas , cookies and pies with my Mom, Grandmother and Sister and my cousins. I can remember it like yesterday. Although December 25th is kind of hard on us now, because Grandma passed away on Christmas day 1991. But we sure do love talking about her and sharing all the joy she brought to our hearts and all the things she taught each and everyone of us. And how much she is missed.

  154. stringing popcorn for the tree with my grandma! was fun!

  155. My favorite memory was having cookie parties with my cousins and siblings when we were young.

  156. first christmas when my son was born was great all the family was together before everyone moved off

  157. My favorite is the one when my Husband surprised me by coming home for Christmas when working away!

  158. Waking up early with my brothers and sisters! We’d wake up our mom then we’d have to wait in one of our rooms while she prep’d the Christmas tree and made last minute arrangements of the presents before we raced in the living room to open them :)

  159. My son’s first Christmas when he was only a few days old.

  160. Jennifer Rote says:

    My favorite was the year I got a pony.

  161. Angela Higdon says:

    When I got my Spain World Traveler Cabbage Patch Kid at the height of the craze! His name was Gavin! ;)

  162. Margaret Smith says:

    My Mom came from a huge family, 16 kids. During the Holidays, both Thanksgiving and Christmas, we’d all get together. Aunts, Uncles, Cousins. Had to be close to 50 people each time. We’d eat in shifts and everyone would bring a bunch of food. The best part was getting to spend time with our cousins. It was so much fun and exciting.

  163. Vivanna Wright says:

    My parents always took us to see the Christmas lights,& Mom would start singing carols,we loved that!

  164. I don’t have a particular favorite, I just loved the traditions. We’d go to church on Christmas Eve and then spend time with family that lived next door. My sister and I would open stockings together early Christmas morning and then get our parents up to open the presents under the tree.

  165. wilson king says:

    Gifts Xmas morning.

  166. making all the home made cristmas orniments!

  167. Christmas Eve gatherings with my whole family.
    Keenly Kristin recently posted..Cats and Christmas Trees Giveaway

  168. My first babies 1st Christmas was the best

  169. Michelle S says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is the year my fiancee (now husband) drove 4 hours in a snowstorm to be with my Mom. I was so sick that I rested my head on a pillow the whole way. We surprised my Mom with a dozen roses – she cried because she said that was the first dozen roses she had ever been given. I was sick, it was a snowstorm but we still had a great holiday.

  170. My favorite Christmas memory is getting up one Christmas and seeing a huge guitar box under the tree with my name on it. I was so excited. I had been wanting a guitar for ages. I opened it up and my parents had stuck a little plastic toy ukelele in the box and hid the real guitar behind the couch. I’m so glad they didn’t have a camera and weren’t the kind of parents that had to have pics on Christmas morning.

  171. I love any time that we get together as family. Once we had my whole family over to our house, uncles, aunts, cousins and all. It was so much fun.

  172. My favorite memory is when I was five: all I wanted for Christmas was a specific doll and I got her! And a stroller! And I got to wear my VELVET RED DRESS to Grandma’s.

  173. My favorite Christmas memory was when my husband proposed to me!

  174. Tom Bellamy says:

    Getting a bicycle for Christmas. We were very poor. It was a cheap bicycle but I loved it.

  175. My favorite Christmas memory is when I received my first video game the Atari 2600 ( I know that really shows my age) I was at the age that I didn’t “think” I believed in Santa. However I knew my parents couldn’t afford the game so I had no hopes of getting it. When I opened the package, lets just say I still BELIEVE in Santa :)

  176. An epic snowball fight after shoveling the driveway during a Christmas in Washington.

  177. beverly paquin says:

    every christmas is a good memory

  178. kim burnett says:

    I got a puppy from Santa when I was 7! Best Christmas ever!! lol

  179. my favorite was christmas at our house growing up where my grandparents came and my aunts and uncles and cousins came from different states, normally we stay seperate for christmas.

  180. Stephanie Easterling says:

    My favorite memory of Christmas was when I was 3 Year old and my sister was 4.We were at my Grandparents and they had a friend dress up as Santa.( My dad was out to sea so it was just my mom) This was our 1st Christmas with our grandparents so really thought they knew Santa. We had so much fun that Christmas. They lived in Calf. and after that we had to move away to the other coast and did not spend anymore Christmas together.

  181. Linda White says:

    Our last Christmas with our mama, she gave us hand decorated antique ornaments. Wish we still had her for more great cooking and love and memories.

  182. Waking up as a child to find a brand new piano in my living room!
    Amanda C recently posted..Shacking Up, Living in Sin & Other Cliches

  183. Getting my first Madam Alexander Baby Doll for Christmas!

  184. My last christmas at my parents house before going off to college when everybody in the family was around the dining table blurry-eyed and hang-over from lastnight’s festivities… We were a sorry sorry sight! :)
    Cherry Mischievous recently posted..Guest Post: DAVID EVANS & Giveaway

  185. Waking up first and seeing the presents!

  186. I always loved going to my grandmothers on Christmas Eve all of my aunts and uncles, and cousins would be there. Grampy would always take us for snowmobile rides too!

  187. Growing up, my mom and I would always paint sugar cookies with coloured egg yolks. I looked forward to it every year.

  188. My favourite memory was a big family gathering when my father, grandfather and grandmother were all still alive.

  189. When I was younger, and all of my grandparents and extended family came to Christmas at our house. It was a true celebration, and it’s not the same without all of them anymore.

  190. Cynthia Cover says:

    My fav X-mas memories have been waking up with my husband and watching the kids unwrap the gifts. It is so nice to see them happy.

  191. Bridget Heiple Reich says:

    Cutting down our Christmas tree every year when I was a kid!! :)

  192. Going to my grandparents for Christmas brunch.

  193. When I was a little girl, my dad made me a dollhouse for Christmas.
    Lisa Weidknecht recently posted..Wednesday Wealth Giveaway Link Up (Dec 18-25)

  194. One year at Christmas, I saw a toy my grandmother had bought. I wanted it badly! She told me she had bought it for the neighbor girl but that if I took care of it, I could play with it until Christmas. Of course, it had been for me the whole time!

  195. Debbie Frick says:

    Id have to say my fondest memory is when all my family showed up for Christmas from out of state. Good times

  196. Donna Kellogg says:

    My favorite Christmas morning was the year we saved all year to make sure all the kids woke up to a Bike . Note we had 6 kids they lit up brighter then the Christmas tree. our little livingroom was full of bikes.

  197. My favorite Christmas memory was a few years ago when my entire family got together for the holiday.

  198. Cassandra Smith says:

    I love remember when my brother came home for a Christmas break he was 15 at the time I was 10 he had been hit by a drunk driver and got to get out for a day out of rehabilitation
    to visit

  199. My favorite Christmas memory would be when my uncle got me a potbelly pig I was about 10 yrs old maybe. It’s been quite some time, but I remember my face expression and I loved it.
    Tara L recently posted..California Delicious Review & Giveaway

  200. rayraycartucci says:

    When I was 10 I remember I was super sick at Christmas and my dad came to see me which he rarely did and he brought a bag full of presents(which was against his religion) and he was really nice to me. It was the best Christmas ever.

  201. My favorite Christmas memory is from when I was a child and all my cousins would come over. One year, two of us girls had so much fun and couldn’t stop laughing that the adults made us leave the room because we were being so rowdy.

  202. kimberly bhatti says:

    One of My favorite memories was taking my kids to play in snow for the first time!

  203. sandra davis says:

    holidays with all my family at grama’s

  204. Angie Rogers says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is when my daughter was old enough to walk into the living room on Christmas morning and see all the stuff Santa had brought her.

  205. The year I got a bike :)

  206. Definitely cutting down our own Christmas tree one year!

  207. We never put out gifts until after the kids go to bed on Christmas Eve. It is also the only night we leave the tree lights (and other Christmas lights) on all night. Their faces of awe and wonder when they come out in the morning and see everything laid out is definitely my highlight moment! :-)

  208. Myrna Kasick says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is sitting around with the family and listening to Dad play the piano.

  209. A sapphire necklace in my stocking a few years ago is something i’ll never forget
    Happi Shopr recently posted..Chisum Crew and the 2012 Undy 5000

  210. Making sugar cookies with my sons

  211. Scott Martin says:

    My dad went with us to the mountains where we were at a pretty high elevation and there was snow on the ground. The reason this is inspiring is he has infazema. He was up there just so he could see his grand kids play in the snow. I am inspired by the man we all call GRANDPA.

  212. jennifer wexler says:

    when my parents surprised my brother and me with a cruise, it was a great surprise

  213. My favorite memory was the first Christmas that I celebrated with my family in US 6 years ago!
    Thank You for the great giveaway

  214. CJ Godfrey says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is the year that it snowed, really snowed and we got a true white Christmas!

  215. Terri Egelund says:

    One year, my young son and I, were driving home from my Mom’s on Christmas Eve. We were approaching a house that had a fake Santa Claus, sleigh and reindeer in their yard. I immediately yelled out to my son to hide so that Santa did not see him or Santa would not make it to our house. He through his jacket over his head and as soon as we got home he was ready to go to sleep so Santa would make it to our house.

  216. Thomas Murphy says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is one year when I was a kid we went to Disney world for Christmas.

  217. Favorite Christmas memories are the ones that involve sledding after the meal was finished.

  218. Melanie Montgomery says:

    The first Chrsitmas I spent with my husband

  219. I loved watching my mom’s face as she opened a gift from Santa and found her first $100 bill inside.

  220. 10 years old and mom walked in with a puppy in her coat pocket.

  221. Debbie Petch says:

    The year I received the Easy Bake Oven.

  222. Kaci Guisinger Harrison says:

    Driving around looking at Christmas lights in a huge van we rented with our ENTIRE family!! We drove around for hours laughing and singing it was a blast!!

  223. the year i received my bike
    VIANNA recently posted..Little Vintage Indian Motorcycle Giveaway

  224. Every year we get out the video my grandpa made in 1985 with all of us and see how much we all have changed :) I love it. You can hear my grandpa’s voice every year even though he has been gone 20 yrs now and it just hits me every time!

  225. This makes me feel my age but it was when I got a Nintendo (the original) for Christmas. It was rather expensive for the time and totally unexpected by me.

  226. Ms Gretchen Ann Luper says:

    My favorite and also the cutest memory I have is when my youngest daughter was about 4. We were driving around looking at decorated houses and when we got to a house that had a huge manger scene (with real people at this time of evening) and the windows were down on the car my little girl pointed at Joseph and very loudly said”Look mommy it’s Teen Wolf) The real characters couldn’t help themselves, they were belly laughing as were we all in the car. I’d never want to forget that incident.

  227. Kathleen Downes says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is visiting my grandparents every year in southern California.

  228. Kim Allmon says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is spending Christmas Eve with family & extended family for a big potluck dinner. We’d play games, eat (and eat & eat…), we’d also get a visit from Santa! Santa would come in the door with his bag full of gifts to give out to each one there & you couldn’t get your gift unless you sat on Santa’s lap.

  229. Serena Franklin says:

    Sneaking downstairs with my sister in the middle of the night to see what Santa brought, because those presents were never wrapped. :)

  230. charlene dellechiaie says:

    Back when I was young we just to go out and cut down our own Christmas tree.

  231. My favorite Christmas memory is driving around with my dad on Christmas looking for a store that was open so we could buy an Allan wrench and put my bike together.
    Rachel recently posted..“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.” – E.E. Cummings

  232. Sherl Bastien says:

    making cookie ornamtes with my kids.. not like many went on the tree> or lasted till christmas…lol

  233. Paula Proffitt says:

    My Favorite Christmas tradition was the whole entire family would go to Grandma’s for dinner and then let the presents begin, followed by Christmas stories and stories from the Bible to teach us kids what the true meaning of Christmas was, we had a good fellowship with all our family and we all learned from that too as we all kept that tradition going as thats what I do with my children and hope they continue on when they are blessed with children!!!

  234. Cooking with family :)

  235. Holly Thomas says:

    Every Christmas morning when I was a kid!!

  236. Melanie Hoffman says:

    I remember the Christmas where I sucked up a sock in the housevac system making my Dad work on it for hours. But really, it was a great Christmas as that was the year the Sega came out and we all played together as a family.

  237. My brother and I got to take turns each year sleeping under the Christmas tree in a rubber dinghy. May sound strange but it was something we looked forward to!!!

  238. teresa null says:

    my favorite Christmas memory was the one and only Christmas that we had snow.. was 1960 and I was 4 years old..

  239. My favorite Christmas memory is singing “Happy Birthday, Jesus” with my little girls (who are now 31, 30 and 28) before our Christmas morning breakfast. We still do it… at the request of my adult daughters.
    Lisa @ Grandma’s Briefs recently posted..Grandma’s secret revealed

  240. sherry butcher says:

    My first child’s first Christmas.

  241. One of my favorite Christmas memories is waking up to the 4ft. Cinderella doll and a vanity with a mirror, stool/chair and a high chair. Her dress was real fancy and her jewelry sparkled. The furniture was all in pink, some light pink and some dark pink. Her beautiful prom dress was in different shades of pink.

  242. Linda Szymoniak says:

    My best Christmas memory was the year we got our Beagle, Pixie. She was my companion until she died of old age.

  243. My favorite memory was watching my daddy on Christmas Eve bringing my presents from “Santa” into the house…I was peeking out the window after I was supposed to be sleeping.

  244. when my kids were lounger and couldnt wait til santa came

  245. I remember one year as a kid, my parents had me convinced I had just missed seeing Santa. I thought that was pretty neat.

  246. Great giveaway! My favorite memory is of my first holiday with my hubby!

  247. Favorite Christmas memory my daughter was two and the cat ripped some of the presents, she kept saying keekee mean. It was the cutest thing!

  248. Decorating the white Christmas tree blue and silver with my mother as a child.

  249. Michael Hurst says:

    What a great giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win! You asked about a favorite christmas memory, I would say that would be the christmas I was 3 or 4 and they got me a electric frying pan with bacon and eggs that sizzled and the plug was a suction cup on the wall, This 50 years ago and my mother reminded me as we were typing this that I was just so happy with that particular toy and wouldn’t play with anything else that Santa brought me. Cheers! Happy Holidays!

  250. BlackAsphodel says:

    I like all my past Christmasses spent with my family.

    My e-mail: blackasphodel(at)yahoo(dot)com

  251. My favorite memory is making gingerbread houses every year.

  252. Stephanie V. says:

    my grandma making tamales from scratch starting weeks before Christmas — so good!

  253. my fave christmas memory is being in disney world for the holiday.

  254. when my son was born

  255. Danielle Porter says:

    The first CHristmas my husband and I were married and seeing his face for all of my family’s weird traditions! :-)

  256. My friends mother was very sick and all she wanted was to see my son with Santa Claus. He was very young and did not strangers. She told us exactly what he would do. When we got there we put him on Santas lap and he started to cry and pointing just as she predicted. It put the biggest smile on her face. I was happy we took her because she ended up in surgery that night and passed away. As sad as this sounds, it really is an enjoyable memory. I will never forget that smile on her face.

  257. Rebecca HM says:

    I would say one was when I was seven and just got out of foster care and was reunited with my two younger siblings. Christmas Eve well I think it was passed midnight making it Christmas morning but we heard sleigh bells and we all woke up and we could here walking on the roof!!! So we made sure everyone was in the house and they were! So the only person it could be was the reindeer and Santa Clause! It was one of the best Christmas’ I had. We didn’t really get presents, but that experience made it the best Christmas. :)

  258. Judy Gregory says:

    My best friend and neighbor believed in Santa a year or two longer than I did. One Christmas morning her older brother showed up to see if Santa had left his 22 rifle under my bed. Definitely a “funniest” moment.

  259. Kim Kihega says:

    My favorite Christmas memory was when I got my huge Doll house for Christmas one year.

  260. Andrea Williams says:

    I don’t have one special Christmas memory but I love every year that we are able to get together with all the extended family. I hope it continues on for many years to come.

  261. My little sister pulled the tree down when she was like 5 trying to get a candy cane. We were never allowed to touch the tree and was so mad!

  262. My daughter’s first Christmas, which we celebrated in Belgium with my family. We even took a short trip to Luxembourg.

  263. My favorite memory is the year that “Santa” left a hand-written note to me and my sister, which we found before we opened any presents and it was all we could talk about all day!

  264. Favorite memory is sitting on the stairs with my siblings and grandfather and getting our picture taken.

  265. Joseph Stowell says:

    I grew up in the ’50s and we had a flocked aluminum tree with a color wheel. Talk about tacky!

  266. when we were kids, I remember driving from Chicago to Baltimore and surprising both sets of grandparents by knocking on their door on Christmas eve.

  267. Pillsbury Cinnamon rolls for breakfast every Christmas morning. Then celebrating my dad’s birthday in the afternoon. Later in the evening we’d always go see a movie at the theater.

  268. One of my best Christmas memories was when I got my first bike.

  269. veda poff otto says:

    When I was 10 there was $50 in a tree stocking.

  270. Chris Mckenzie says:

    Catching my parents wrapping presents!

  271. Going to midnight mass with my family.

  272. Sneaking down the stairs on Christmas Eve!

  273. barbara corbitt says:

    my best memory was my daughter, an only child, and i would always prepare the thanksgiving and christmas together laughter and a mess was always plentiful. tragically, she died in my arms and i dread the holidays now. i am all alone.

  274. My husbands proposal in front of my family on his hands and knees

  275. My favorite Christmas memory is when I got my first camera.

  276. becky barrett beitzel says:

    the year my dad bought and put together my first play ktichen

  277. Carole Dube says:

    When I was 8 year old, my parent give me a Guitar for Chritmas. I played it all night, best gift ever and best Christmas ever.

  278. a christmas memory was when i was small and i wanted to wait until 12 to open our presents and we would literally sleep with them until it was morning to play around lol(:

  279. My favorite memory is when my son was a few months old we went to spend Christmas at my brother’s house.

  280. Terry Dickson says:

    My favourite Christmas memory was being with all of my family when they were still alive.

  281. Susan Chester says:

    My favorite memory is the year all three of my children got new bikes for Christmas. They were so excited!

  282. The Christmas that I received my Cabbage Patch Kid :)
    Tara recently posted..Want to win $50 (Paypal Cash or Amazon GC)?

  283. My favorite memory of Christmas is making decorated cookies and banana bread with my mom and brother every year.

  284. margaret peg m. says:

    x-mas eve several yrs. ago, my parents and younger brothers came over to celebrate. when it was time to leave, it had gotten so cold (cleveland, oh) their car wouldn’t start and they all ended up staying the night. we had so much (unexpected) fun that year.

  285. Karlene Shamir says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is this year’s memory! I got my first Christmas tree and had so much fun decorating it.

  286. Nena Sinclair says:

    My favorite Christmas memory was when my sons were little, around 4 & 5, my daughter decided to play a practical joke on them. She spread chocolate bar pieces, partly melted around the kitchen floor, and wrote her younger brothers a note “from Santa” apologizing and explaining that he was very sorry, that the reindeer had followed him into the house and had eaten too many cookies and had too much milk and it had upset their stomachs and that they’d had an “accident” on the floor! Lol, the looks on their faces!

  287. party at grandmas house

  288. My favorite Christmas Memory was when I went to my grandfather’s house for Christmas dinner and we built a huge snowman and played with his dog in the snow :)

  289. Karen Leonard says:

    My family cooking together

  290. Opening presents with my whole family together :)

  291. I really want to try the new items from cake beauty

  292. Oops, I didn’t mean to comment that here. Feel free to delete that — and this!
    cole recently posted..$200 Visa Giveaway

  293. My favorite memory is coming back home for Christmas and helping my sister and nieces serve at a local homeless shelter on Christmas Eve. Gotta love kids who have a good heart.

  294. Darlene Carbajal says:

    My favorite Christmas memory was when I had to open a lot of gifts!

  295. Priscilla S. says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is when I four years old and was surprised with my very first pet, a tiny gray kitten.

  296. Laurie Nykaza says:

    My daughter was born right before xmas and it was so special having her there at my parents for her 1st xmas

  297. sandra davis says:

    my favorite Christmas memory was the last Christmas that my Mom was alive. She loved Christmas more than anybody I know. it was such a special time.

  298. Ismail Qamar says:

    lol nothing yet!

  299. Toni Porter says:

    I have a lot of good memories, but I think that one near the top was the first year we owned our rescued dog (who’d been with us for 10 months at that time). I remember driving around the neighborhood to look at lights with her in the car, and I was in the back seat holding her as she watched the displays. When we’d got back home, and were walking back to the house from the driveway, I told that Santa was coming that night, and she was instantly like a puppy—bouncing around, tail a wagging blur. (She died six years ago, but I’ll always remember her.)

  300. Jamie Snyder says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is our first Christmas with snow.

  301. Mike Dalton says:

    Last year we met our son for the first time days before Christmas. No better memory for me :)

  302. my favorite christmas memory was when we used to go to midnight mass and I would sing all the christmas songs with my mom. then we would go home and open presents right away!

  303. lisa monte says:

    every Christmas!! Love being with my family

  304. My favorite memory is going to my aunt’s house and walking around the neighborhood looking at lights! It was always a fun way to burn off some energy after Christmas dinner.

  305. Victoria Carlson says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is when my brother-in-law got rock band for Christmas and we all played together for the rest of the day!

  306. Bellina Jacobs says:

    My firat Christmas with my son.

  307. Everyone ripping their presents open and colorful christmas paper was everywhere.

  308. I always loved the boxes that came out west from grandparents containing treats

  309. Gail Rosenstrom says:

    my first son was born on december 17th and was in icu for a breathing problem. They called me christmas eve morning and said come and get him. I was soooo happy .That was the best present ever. He just turned 20 years old lol

  310. Last Christmas was amazing. The mister and I were engaged and it was my first Christmas back in Texas….and it snowed! So perfect.
    Amber @ ADHD & Geekery recently posted..o, christmas tree.

  311. Heather eg kaufman says:

    My kids 1st Christmases are my favorite memories! They were so little & cute!

  312. When I was a kid we had a cat that was kind of crazy. He ran down the hall which was a straight shot at the christmas tree. He ran straight up the trunk of the tree to the top and launched off. Of course it tipped over. My mom and brother used this as inspiration to write a christmas carol “Dashing Down the Hall”

  313. Opening stockings with my big brother on Christmas morning in his room before my parents got up!
    Emily Cotton recently posted..Noah’s Birth Story

  314. Kizzy DeSantis says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is the smile on my kids faces every Christmas morning no matter what Santa brought them

  315. Michael Torres says:

    Spending time with my mom and brothers.

  316. My favorite memory was when I got to spend Christmas each year with other patients at Shriner’s Hospital in Greenville, S.C. They had an annual Christmas party for all of us and it was the one time of the year I felt like I belonged.
    Cyndee Wells/Rude Mom Blog recently posted..Donners of the Dead by Karina Halle #CoverReveal

  317. The first Christmas with our daughter. She was 9 months old and it was so much more special with a baby in the house :)

  318. every year we would bake goodies and make meatpies, my mother, sisters and grandmother would all take part

    those are my favourite memories….we still do this every year but a sister or myself might be missing if we don’t get time off to travel to the city where Christmas is being celebrated since we all live in different areas :(.

  319. My best Christmas memory was when I was able to work and save all year buying a little along to give my kids one of the best Christmas’s, It was things they needed and a few things they wanted. Although this year will be pretty awesome too because since I haven’t worked I have had time to make them quilts with Love.

  320. zahra premji says:

    My first white Christmas the year I moved from Kenya to Canada

  321. Cara Varela says:

    My favorite Christmas memory was when I was a little kid and there was a knock at the door on Christmas morning. It was my grandma (who lived in NY, me in VA) there to surprise me. Best Christmas ever!

  322. Going to Disneyland

  323. My favorite Christmas memory was my mom hosting the biggest Christmas dinners for the entire family: aunts, uncles, cousins, family friends. It was always a great time! Now that my siblings and I have families of our own, we don’t get together as much. But we always make sure we send holiday greetings.

  324. My favourite Christmas memory was waking up really early, walking down the hallway with anticipation, and turning the corner to see the biggest gift standing magnificently in the living room before the tree. It was a brand new motorcycle look alike pedal bike all for me!

  325. Waking up before dawn on Christmas morning & hoping my parents would get up & let us open our gifts!

  326. Catherine Meyer says:

    I have alway loved Christmas. It’s the happiest time of the year. I love how excited my 10th yr old son gets!!

  327. Georgette V says:

    My mom (aka santa) leaving a trail from the front door to the xmas tree of glitter saying santa drops glitter where he walks, and my dad turning of the xmas radio station for us to listen to

  328. Our children got up early and the oldest (10 at the time) turned on the coffee pot that had been all set up. My youngest who was 4 came into our room with an empty mug, came to my side of the bed and lowered his little voice and growled “cooffee!” because he knew we would tell him we needed to have coffee before they could start to open their gifts.

  329. Susan Christy says:

    Getting a “big girl” bike. There was no snow, unseasonably warm and I was able to ride my bike all day long!

  330. Jessica Fletcher says:

    Getting Barbie Dream house!! That was the best christmas ever!

  331. This’d be great for my mothers birthday!

  332. When my brother came home from serving in the military

  333. When we were kids all of our dads would take turns dressing as santa!
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  334. the year my daughter received her hand made dollhouse. she knocked her brother out of the way and headed straight for it. What she did not know is that all the adults had spend the night before decorating it and making cardboard furniture

  335. One of my favorite memories is my first Christmas with my husband and my two sons.

  336. Sitting in the living room on Christmas Eve with only the tree lights on and watching Rudolf together as a family.

  337. Mya Murphy says:

    Favorite is definitely helping my momma in the kitchen. I love to cook because of her :)

  338. Debbie Myers says:

    Waking-up on Christmas morning and seeing all the snow and beautiful lights in the neighboorhood!

  339. my favorite memory came from when I was 4. My dad and papaw took me to look for Santa Claus while my mom used my dads boots to make footprints from our fireplace to the tree and back…when we got home it was great
    Joni Mitchell recently posted..Come On 2014 ~ Weekend Recap

  340. My favorite memories of Christmas is every Christmas, my Mom would get out her sewing machine and sew 2 flannel nightgowns for all of us girls and there were 7 of us. We did not have much money growing up but we never knew that until after we were grown and realized it for ourselves. We always had a great Christmas, thanks to my mother’s love for all of us and her unselfishness of putting herself last all the time and doing without so we could have what all other kids we knew had. I can’t imagine a world without my Mom in it and she is 82 now!

  341. Yvonne Rorie says:

    I was 8 years old and we lived in Phil. My parents had the biggest tree ever. I can’t even remember what I got, but that tree sure do leave an impression on a little girl.

  342. raquel perez says:

    waiting up all night for Santa to come with my cousins we all fell asleep in front of the tree lol

  343. My favorite memory was sleeping with my parents so I knew they were not the ones putting the “santa” gifts out.

  344. Christina Ferguson says:

    My very favorite Christmas was with my first born child. All the family who hadn’t met my son yet traveled home for his first Christmas. It was truly magical.

  345. waking up at my grandmas before anyone else… and sneaking fudge for breakfast!!
    Jenn S (FotoJennic) recently posted..Rediscovering my creativity

  346. Love just spending time with the grandkids, great-grandparents and children on Christmas Eve, acting out the nativity and enjoying the Christmas spirit!

  347. Having my cat, Kelly, help me open my presents when I was little. He was so helpful and cute!

  348. Angela Cash says:

    My favorite holiday memory was finding the keys to my first car in the toe of my Christmas stocking.

  349. Fabienne Keller says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is the year that my brother found out there was no Santa and my parents (who are deceased) were hiding the gifts in the car trunk. I was 9 yrs old at the time. I miss my parents. Christmas is still very special to us because of Gods gift to us.

  350. My child’s first Christmas is my favorite
    Allie recently posted..The Lone Ranger DVD Release & Giveaway

  351. Mary Diehl says:

    I don’t really have any special one because each year with my kids are so much pleasure and such great memories, they would always say each year that it’s the best Christmas ever. I always made sure it was magical and to this day, the presents are out of sight till it’s quiet and then Santa comes

  352. Becky VanGinkel says:

    I have so many great Christmas memories all the way from when I was a child to current years with my own children. I would have to say last year was a great year. Our daughter June was 2 and really into Christmas and Santa Clause and Santa called our house to talk to her and she was so happy and excited that she started crying! It was adorable and I will never forget her sweet face at that moment :) This year is our youngest daughters 1st Christmas and it’s going to be another exciting one. Our 3 children who are 10, 3, and 10 months make every day so special <3 Thank you so much for the chance to win such an amazing prize!

    [email protected]

  353. Shanna Pena says:

    I always loved being able to open 1 gift on Christmas Eve. It’s a tradition we do now with our kids.

  354. My favorite Christmas memory is making cookies with my grandmother that is no longer with us.

  355. Cara James says:

    When my Grandpa was still alive!

  356. Kathy Robinson says:

    The first year my kids were old enough to understand Christmas

  357. Calien Laure says:

    Favorite is a hodge podge of memories. Making cookies with my mom and grand aunt, decorating the tree with family, the open house I had at my first place outside of college where I asked people to bring me an ornament. So many good memories of the holidays.

  358. When my grandmother dressed up as Santa and had all us little ones sit on “his” lap and tell “him” if we were naughty or nice and what we wished for.

  359. I like this deal of the day; Risk Mass Effect Galaxy at War Board Game

  360. Megan Fisher says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is when I was a little girl going to see my grammy on Christmas Eve. It was a Christmas tradition my entire life up until 5 years ago when the lord needed her more than we did to be an angel in Heaven. I just want to say that she was an angel here on Earth before she was ever taken away from us. I miss her so much words can not describe, and will forever hold in my heart the wonderful holiday memories I have shared with her.

  361. Anna Johnson says:

    Our first Christmas with our family complete- 3 boys!

  362. Surprising “Santa” at midnight and getting to ride our new bikes in the cold outdoors.
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  363. My favorite memory was riding home in the car from my grandparent’s house and looking up at the sky for Santa’s sleigh.

  364. my favorite memory is waking up super early with my brother to open our stockings

  365. Starla Bates says:

    Goodness, there are so many! I think the Christmas my mama gave me a beautiful gold necklace with my December birthstone in it!

  366. Amanda Stovall says:

    Going out w/my mom & my little brother on the evening of Christmas Eve to look at all the houses in our town that were lit up & decorated for Christmas. And when we’d return, this is when we’d discover that Santa had made his stop at our house!

  367. Anytime I get to see my entire family.

  368. My favorite Christmas memory is going to my Grandma’s when I was little.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  369. rebecca day says:

    baking goodies with my mom when i was younger

  370. Any when I still had my mom.

  371. Falling asleep by the window watching for Santa’s sleigh..

  372. Sherre Schwartz says:

    going to the community building every christmas day to serve christmas dinner to those who dont have anywhere to go

  373. I’m excited to make new memories this Christmas!
    Lin Gorenkoff recently posted..You’ll go wild for the Cleveland Zoo!

  374. Crystal Morton says:

    When I was 5 my mom and dad divorced. That year was a bad year for my mom and me and my sister. Well money was really tight and I remember seeing my mom crying and over hearing her and my grandma talking about she didn’t know how she was going to buy us Christmas. Well Christmas eve rolled around and me and my sister where sitting watching tv when there was a knock on the door. I jumped up and went to open up the door. I screamed and started jumping up and down when I seen who was standing there. To my surprise it was Santa Claus and he had a whole big bag full of gifts. Me and my sister freaked out. Well we really thought it was Santa Claus and it was a christmas miracle. Well when I got older I soon found out that my grandma set the whole thing up so me and my sister would have Christmas. So it was a miracle to me because I will always remember that day thanks so my grandma. She had been gone now over 10 years but there is not a day that goes by that I don’t think about her.

  375. Brendan Walsh says:

    Christmas 2011 when it snowed and it stayed on the ground for two weeks:D

  376. christina p says:

    One of my favorite memories of Christmas is making ornaments for the tree.

  377. Sarah Vegetabile says:

    Making cookies and candy with my Step-mom and Dad. Ok in all fairness it was my step-mom and I. As my father was just there to be the taste tester!I miss those years at home.

  378. C. E. Aghassi says:

    I can’t say I have a single favorite holiday memory as such, but I always remember going over to my grandparent’s house to help them decorate their Christmas tree… And ALWAYS breaking one glass ornament! It was almost a tradition that one glass ornament would get dropped on the hardwood floor and break. It was a bit of a running joke!

  379. It will be coming this Christmas with my husband and 3 children together!
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  380. Tiffany Hoyt says:

    I remember going with my dad to pick out a Christmas tree.

  381. Kristy Hughes says:

    Probably my best memory was my first white Christmas. I love the snow.

  382. Jessica Whitehouse says:

    My best Christmas memory was when I was in about 6th grade- we had gone to my grandparents for the holiday. We got snowed in. The neighbor brought over some big cardboard boxes and we used then as sleds to slide down the road in front of the house.

  383. Tiffany Hoyt says:

    I like the Shifter boot in Black/ Royal Plum/ Gum color.

  384. my favorite memory was cooking Christmas dinner for the first time

  385. richelle bowers says:

    when I was 12 I got my first bike

  386. When my daughter was young and her classmates began telling her Santa wasn’t real, she told them she knew Santa was real because her parents couldn’t afford all the presents she got. (I’ve always shopped through the year, buying when I found good sales.)

  387. Watching The Dick Van Dyke Show reruns again with my Mom, my brother and my sister.

  388. Making Christmas hard candy with my mom.

  389. eating tubs and tubs of popcorn at my grandparents house with my cousins

  390. Courtney T says:

    My favorite Christmas memory was when I was young and still believed in Santa, my mom would help us leave a plate of cookies and a glass of milk for Santa. Then we’d write him a thank you note. I was so amazed when I woke up in the morning and saw “proof” that Santa came to visit us

  391. Reading “The Night Before Christmas” every Christmas Eve with my Mom and then carrying on the tradition with my own kids nowadays.

  392. Vivian Irizarry says:

    The day my husband & I found out we are expecting our baby girl who is now 3 years old after we lost our first child and many tries :)

  393. Huri Kouzouyan says:

    Last year, when I spent christmas with my SO’s family in St. Louis!! And having Ted Drew’s custard in the freezing cold!!

  394. My fave Christmas memory is dancing early Christmas morning with my bf family before opening gifts :)

  395. Dancing with my boyfriend’s family early Christmas morning is one of my favorite memories. His mom blasts music through the house to wake everyone up and we dance before opening gifts.
    J.Clarice recently posted..November 2013 Favorites

  396. I love the last Christmas my brother spend with us, he passed away a few weeks later.

  397. The last Christmas I was able to spend with my friend Mossy before he died.
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  398. Jessica Lodge says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is singing carols around the piano at my Grnadmother’s house. We had just finished Christmas Eve Dinner and before we opened presents we would sing carols. I loved it-I loved being with my extended family, I loved that there was snow falling outside. It is still my idea of a perfect Christmas.

  399. Daily Woman (Lacey) says:

    When I was young and I got my cat Garfield for Christmas. He looked just like the real Garfield.

  400. Danielle Mitchell says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is when I went to Maryland and it was snowing. I live in Houston and we never have a white Christmas. Spending it with the extended family was great too!

  401. When I was a kid and my grandparents came from MI to see us in CO and we rented skis and went cross country skiing

  402. Tara Liebing says:

    My favorite memory was getting a Super Nintendo from Santa. I was the happiest kid ever.

  403. My favorite Christmas memory is going to my dad’s and a couple presents would be hidden, not under the tree like the rest. I got to have a scavenger hunt every Christmas.

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  404. My favorite Christmas memory is when I was young, the only time my family were all together for Christmas. We all opened one present on Christmas Eve night, then watched each other open presents in the morning. My mom cooked a huge dinner and everyone got along. That hasn’t happened since.

  405. My favourite memory was the look on my nephew’s face when he got his first bike Christmas morning.
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  406. Seyma Shabbir says:

    My fav memory about christmas is waiting up to catch Santa and always falling asleep before seeing him.

  407. Francine Anchondo says:

    the joy on my kids faces christmas morning

  408. My son coming home from Iraq.

  409. Teresa Thompson says:

    My daughters first Christmas.

  410. graduating from college

  411. One of my most treasured Christmas’ was when I was pregnant and it snowed here in south Texas. My husband and I spent hours playing and building snowmen. :)

  412. The Christmas I got a shiny red new bike :)

  413. Kitty Iecvan says:

    My favorite memory was when I got an ipod on Christmas!

  414. Amanda Alvarado says:

    My favorite Christmas Memories are both of my children’s 1st Christmas’!

  415. Tina McClay says:

    Getting stranded at my parents house because of a huge snow fall, lots of fun.

  416. Stacey Erekson says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is from my first year of marriage. I got coal that year from my in-laws. It was a big joke and I had a lot of fun with that.

  417. My favorite memory was visiting my Grandparents every Christmas eve. It was one of the few times of year all of us would be able to get together and celebrate

  418. lisa duncan says:

    spending time with my family

  419. Kathy Stuit says:

    Actually new memories are created every year with my kids. Even as they get older, 13 and 19, I still love to spoil them and get them what they want and get them what they do not expect to get.

  420. susan gibson says:

    Christmas Eve when my grandparents wee still alive. Grandpa reading from the Bible, fried oysters for dinner, singing around the piano while Mom played…

  421. Linda Meyers-Gabbard says:

    My favorite Christmas memories are the ones that include my Grandma and Grandpa. Every Christmas spent at their house. Those were the best Christmases ever.

  422. My favorite memory would be the year my son thought I wasn’t going to do any Christmas shopping!It was just too cute, he was worried and willing to go and clean his room so we could go! I guess he never thought I’d shop while he was in school!

  423. Going with my dad to cut a real christmas tree

  424. helping my mother wrap gifts from Santa for my little sister.
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  425. Shelly Hammond says:

    Making candy with my Grandmother. She would use her mixer but it would always shoot whatever she was mixing all over the place so when she was mixing her buttercream mix for her little candies, I would sit on the table (I was very small at the time, wow, this was eons ago, must have been 30 years ago!) with my mouth wide open trying to catch the good stuff!

    Shelly H.

  426. Our Christmas at Whistler, when I was a teen. Snow and skiing, hot chocolate and fireplaces. It was magical.

  427. Nikki Elkins says:

    I dont have just one. Every Christmas with my kids is amazing even now that they are grown.

  428. Last christmas was one of my favorites. my daughter was finally old enough to appreciate everything. i got hugs and kisses and thank yous after every gift she opened.

  429. Barbara A. Ramirez says:

    My favorite Christmas memories are ALL THE MEMORIES! I was the baby in the family and now everyone my own age or older than me have passed on. The only way I get through Christams is to know I once belonged to a family and we did share this Holiday together.

  430. visiting our cousins every year

  431. mine is the last Christmas I had with my Dad and Grandmother back in 2008, she made me my favorite holiday cookies, and Dad made his fudge. I haven’t had either since then, but the memory of that last year with both of them eating their special desserts still stands out in my mind.

  432. Brittney House says:

    One Christmas I woke up and my whole living room couch was full of toys for me!

  433. I love waking up and running downstairs to see my loving family and gorgeous tree and presents

  434. One of my favorite Christmas Memories is when i had both of my Grandmothers by my side on Christmas Day.

  435. Milos Milosevic says:

    Spending time with my friends and family :D

  436. My favourite Christmas memory was when I was about 6 or 7, and my sister and I snuck out of our bedroom on Christmas Eve night and ate a whole box of Turtles to ourselves…Mmmmm mmmmm I love Turtles! ;)

  437. My favorite is decorating cookies with my grandma.

  438. Bethany Adams says:

    My daughter’s first Christmas. This year, it will be my son’s first. :)

  439. robyn donnelly says:

    Back in high school my brother was only a toddler and my uncle played santa at our house. My brother was petrified of the man with the white beard. Even tough he got a nice present from him.

  440. Every Christmas Eve spent at my grandparents house.

  441. My favorite memory is my last Christmas with my Gram. She passed away in July of this year, and we had such a great last family Christmas with her before she passed. Remembering those moments will be wonderful when I’m missing her this year.

  442. Lorena Keech says:

    Marrying my husband.

  443. Oh man! So many! But one time my mom got us to sneak into a random gazebo in NY for a christmas card photo when the people were inside eating dinner.

  444. A.J. Carano says:

    My favorite memories were when as a kid my entire family (cousins, aunts & uncles) would get together and spend the day just having fun and being happy.

  445. The whole family played Monopoly and we were all so competitive that it all most became a bloody game.

  446. I don’t have a specific favorite but I do love watching my kids open their presents. Even now that they are older we all enjoy what Santa brings us.

  447. Rachael Forsythe says:

    Besides the ones with my daughter as a child my aunt would come loaded with gifts for everyone was I was little

  448. My son’s first Christmas. He was more interested in the boxes than the toys and books lol.
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  449. Everyone in my family going to Washington while it was snowing for Christmas.
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  450. Gabriel Chow says:

    My favorite Christmas memory will have to be the first time I saw my dad dressed up as Santa – he has been doing it every year ever since, even though all of us are grown adults now.

  451. I remember my son’s first christmas. He didn’t know what was going on, but he loved his dinosaurs stuffed animal.

  452. I loved baking all sorts of Christmas goodies with my mom & grammy every year… now I carry it on with my mom & little one!!

  453. My best Christmas memories are of when the kids were little.

  454. danielle Marie says:

    making christmas cookies with my grandma. best memory ever.

  455. My favorite Christmas memory is driving with my family around our city and looking at all the different Christmas light displays. We would make a night of it and take pictures and sing songs in the car.

  456. My favorite is the Christmas we spent at my cousin’s house. I loved Christmas morning with them, they were like sisters.

  457. I remember our first white Christmas and my entire family going out to play in our yard and make snow angels.

  458. I remember my son’s eyes light up when he received his XBox a couple of years ago

  459. Becky Bartlett says:

    I have so many, probably the Christmas about 25 year ago when I was helping my Aunt fix her famous dill dip and she looked at me and told me a real cook never measures ingredients they just put a little of this and a little of that.

  460. Going to my grandparents house every christmas eve to spend time with my whole family

  461. My favorite was the first christmas in my house.

  462. Carol Mclemore says:

    My dads last christmas.

  463. My favorite memories are of Christmas morning

  464. Scott Amoroso says:

    My favorite x-mas memory was when I was little and I recieved an electric remote control car!

  465. I’ve always loved baking cookies with family!
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  466. My daughters opening their presents. :)
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  467. Kathie Craig says:

    Christmas Eve at church every year.

  468. Decorating the house with my mom and grandma!

  469. My favorite Christmas memory was my last christmas with my parents and watching them open presents.

  470. rochelle johnson says:

    my grandpa making me homemade hot chocolate

  471. Sleep overs with my cousins on Christmas Eve :)

  472. Baking sand tarts – paper thin butter cookies – with my Mom….

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  474. debbie campbell says:

    My favorite Christmases were when my kids were little and they were excited to wake me up on Christmas morning.

  475. Susan Smith says:

    My Mom opened a present I gave her that had a bottle in it. She was so confused until my sister screamed excitedly that I was pregnant and she was going to be a Grandmother.

  476. going down to my grandmas and the whole family being there. We would open presents together.

  477. As a child – curled up in front of the fire with mom and dad – a plate of cookies on the coffee table and dinner cooking making wonderful smells… the twinkling tree lights and festive packages… watching an amazing little candle holder where angels spin and make little chimes ring when dad lit a candle in it.

  478. Going to the Lights Before Christmas at the Zoo and Children’s Wonderland!

  479. The last Christmas I spent with my mom. It didn’t seem like much, until she was gone

    trippyjanet at gmail dot com

  480. Opening the presents with the family

  481. golden storm says:

    baking on Christmas eve always built my excitement for Christmas I always got so excited once we started bakig

  482. When my sisters & I were little we had our very 1st christmas ever in USA. we were so thrilled to get a letter from Santa the morning of & were amazed by the gifts we got. I was like “How did he KNOW!!” when I got just what I wanted. LOL it’s so much fun now to share this with our little kids. I really wanna win this for my adoptive Mom in thanks for always “knowing” how to make us feel special.

  483. Karen Matlock says:

    I think my favorite memories are the years my children were small, many years ago now.

  484. Mary Beth Elderton says:

    Listening to the women in the family talking while cooking in the kitchen.

  485. Heather Rainey says:

    The year I got my 1st bike~ I was like 10 and it was the best gift ever~

  486. Sneaking downstairs at night when my mom was hand making me furniture for a barbie house. At the time I didn’t know what she was doing, but now that I am older I really appreciate the work she put into everything.

  487. Sarah Bowe says:

    dressing up and acting out the bible sorry

  488. Laurel Anderson says:

    My favorite memory of Christmas is laying on the floor by the Christmas tree in the quite late night hours and watching the lights flash different colors. Enchanting!

  489. Kim Crowley says:

    Spending time with my grandparents and family.

  490. diane king says:

    staying home and hoping that someone will visit us

  491. The year I was pregnant with my twins. I had my niece for the day and we anxiously awaited the birth of my boys!

  492. Anne Nolan says:

    My favorite memory was 2 years ago when my now husband waited until my daughter was present to ask me to marry him. He had asked her to find out my ring size, then put the ring I. An ornament on the tree. I didn’t notice so she had to point it out to me.

  493. the year all the guys in the family decided to wear ugly Christmas sweaters – what a hoot!!!

  494. Jennifer Lane says:

    My mom’s cooking and her making our home look so nice.

  495. Lesa Burton says:

    When I was little all our family would come to our house and my mother would make a big Christmas dinner and we would open gifts from each other on Christmas Eve, then we would get up in the morning on Christmas and open Santa gifts…What great memories

  496. Tia Dingwell says:

    My favourite Christmas memory is on Christmas Eve in 1991 when my husband proposed to me.
    We married in 1993 and have been married 20 years this past September.
    Thank-you for this amazing giveaway! Merry Christmas and a Very Happy New Year! Good Luck Everyone. Sweet!


  498. Sarah Harding says:

    My favorite memories of christmas are when my dad was still alive and we all got together at grandma’s house!

  499. vicki carter says:

    We live in Kansas City.We always went to the Country Club Plaza to see the lights and Main street downtown had this big crowns that hung across the road.They were attached to the big department store.Macys ,Jones Store,Emery,Byrd and Thayer .It was a magical time.

  500. lauren engbrock says:

    when we took our daughter to sit on santas lap when she was six years old & she was scared of him & would not go near him

  501. Kelly Amos says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is decorating the tree and making holiday treats with my mom the year before she passed away. It will always be one of my most special memories.

  502. It’s impossible to pick one favorite Christmas memory of mine. I cherish Christmas time as a whole because of all the great Christmas memories I have. Some of my favorite include Christmas dinner over aunt’s and uncle’s houses where all of our cousins were able to play and have fun. As well as Christmas morning with my brothers and sisters as our excitement to open presents was electric! And even more as we grew older and were able to be creative and surprise our parents with fun love filled gifts :-) God bless us everyone!

  503. Joni Owada says:

    We love sitting around the fire, singing Christmas carols

  504. deb healing says:

    My favorite Christmas memory was when I got my first Snoopy when I was very young.

  505. Bob Thorson says:

    When I was in the Navy and alone one Christmas, one of my shipmates invited me over to his house to have Christmas with his family. That was probably one of my favorite memories.

  506. Danielle Hortelano says:

    going to the movies with my mom on Christmas Day. it’s a tradition we started a few years ago and it’s one of my favorite memories

  507. Every christmas was a great memory, but obviously when your a kid it’s even better.. one year I go all Barbie stuff to fill up my barbie house! This year is going to be the best though, I have a 2 and a half year old daughter who is really understanding it all this year, I can’t wait to see her face christmas morning!

  508. I think it was my sons 3rd christmas he wanted to ride on the presents and was not really into opening them was so cute

  509. Sandi Hall says:

    I remember we always had to wait for the grown ups to get up first- one Christmas I just couldn’t wait to see what was in my stocking! I sneaked out to the fireplace, and my dad grabbed me from behind and gave me a spanking for breaking the rules! Last time I ever did that!

  510. sneaking downstairs early to open stockings with my little sister.

  511. Kathy Luman says:

    Going to my grandparents and having my grandpa’s awesome home made noodles and apple pie.

  512. I always love the road trip to my great grandparents house when I was young they were the sweetest people I miss them so much.. My last Christmas trip there my great grandpa gave me a santa he treasured that I have treasured he is the very first thing I put out every year.. I have owned this santa now for 31 years.. Merry Christmas to All…

  513. Sabrina Foster says:

    Favorite Christmas Memory: It was 1973, I was 7 years old, my parents were still married and we lived in a townhouse. I had on pink pajamas and my brother, who was 9, and I opened our presents. We got walkie-talkies. All of a sudden, I had to go to the bathroom, so I took the walkie-talkie with me. My brother went upstairs and we were communicating. My mother decided to take a picture of me on the toilet, in pink pajamas, talking on a walkie-talkie. Now at 47, everyone has seen this picture of me. I used to be embarrassed of it, but now it is a great Christmas Memory.

  514. watching my 3 yr old kid’s reaction to getting gift on Christmas day!

  515. I use to love laying in the hall waiting on Santa. I always fell asleep before he came!

  516. The year that my sister and I got the Barbie Jeep when we were kids. It was our favorite present of all time! We loved driving around in it!

  517. My favourite holiday memory is the Blue–Gray Football Classic.

  518. I have favorite memories from every Christmas. Just spending time with my family is always the best memory of the year. Thanks for the opportunity to win.
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  519. David Harlow says:

    Getting a guitar for Christmas from my uncle when I was 15, I wanted one for a long time but couldn’t afford it so when he gave me his it literally made me bawl like a baby.

  520. sara kover says:

    I was probably 9, my little brother was 3. He had gotten up in the middle of the night and had opened everything. It wasn’t so funny at the time, my mom was devastated, but now if we talk about it she laughs. It’s the 1 Christmas that’s always stood out to me

  521. Jennifer g. says:

    Christmas eve at my dad’s was always a big deal! I looked forward to it every year. I’ve missed it this last seven years :(

  522. Tara Woods says:

    My favorite memory is the first time that I stayed up all night with my mom baking and wrapping presents.

  523. Paula Willbanks says:

    My favorite memories of Christmas as a child were those that included my mema and big family get togethers. Sadly, she passed a few years back and since then we don’t really get together like we used to. Thankfully, those memories will always be with me :) Happy Holidays!

  524. jenifer moore says:

    my favorite xmas memory-when I was presented with my first born son

  525. my son and daughter (twins) first christmas and they were onky 2 1/2 months old

  526. Definitely Christmas Eve suppers with the whole family.
    Terra recently posted..6 Great Winter Outings in Northeast Wisconsin

  527. Carla Pullum says:

    Decorating the tree.

  528. Just being around the family table every year with my family. Never knew how much I appreciated that until the first year I couldnt :/

  529. thia Beniash says:

    My mother, who did not have much money, bought me a used pair of ice skates. They had pretty blue snowflake pattern on the inside of them. I loved them! The best part, the time spent together ice skating. Time is truly the best gift of all!

  530. Laura Coleman says:

    Making Christmas cookies with my mom.

  531. I used to love Christmas eve at Grandma’s house. Dinner, family, music, gifts!

  532. tamra gibson says:

    Favorite Christmas was my last year when my mother in law was alive. She gave ME more than her own kids and believe me she Loved her kids like no one but when I brought it too her attention because I thought maybe the chemo was working she said “You keep that I want you to have it” I knew then she loved me as if I was hers

  533. the best christmas was the one my mom and i forgot a tree… and went tree hunting at 11pm christmas eve

  534. Jacquie Evans says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is ~ my mom driving me and my brothers around to see all the beautiful Christmas lights.

  535. Jacquie Evans says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is ~ my mom driving me and my brothers around to see all the beautiful Christmas lights.

  536. Sky Sparkle says:

    I loved christmas morning time.

  537. Sean Cuthill says:

    My most vivid Christmas memory is receiving Electronic Baseball for Xmas as a child. “Santa’s” message to try and not strike out looked a lot like my father’s handwriting . . .

  538. Chrissy Kim says:

    My favorite memory is just having Christmas in my childhood home. I used to put the lights on the tree because only I could do it the way I wanted it to look. Every branch had to have lights! My mom and I would decorate the tree together. Then on Christmas morning, my extended family would come over and we’d open gifts and have a big turkey dinner. I miss those days. I miss that childhood home so much.

  539. Kathleen S. says:

    Baking homemade Christmas cookies with my mom is a fave memory.

  540. One of my favorite memories was wrapping a gift for my Mom in a package it couldn’t possibly fit in.

  541. my favorite Christmas memory would be of making Christmas cookies and Christmas candy with my mother and 2 sisters.

  542. Christmas carols on the base!

  543. My husband and I got married on Christmas Eve eight years ago so that was very special.

  544. Cassandra French says:

    My dad hid a bike somewhere in the house for me when I was younger. I was all frantic, searching for the gift from Santa – so frantic that I had ran right past it when it was in plain view! It’s been over 10 years and my dad still teases me about it!

  545. christopher h says:

    going out caroling with family

  546. My first Christmas with my two kids and i cooked my first dinner on my own at my house. My kids and I started new traditions for our family that we still follow and Im so blessed to have great kids and a great family.

  547. Lataysha Faison says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is when I was expecting my first child. Who was due in january.

  548. My favorite memory is the year my sister and I were pregnant at the same time and attending our family and friends Christmas eve party at my parents house. I have this picture with the two of us and my brother who actually looked “more” pregnant than us!

  549. Eileen Richter says:

    Best memory is my first year as a single mom. I actually went out on a rooftop to our porch and “found” reindeer tracks and “heard” such a clatter. My 3 kids were SO surprised and excited when just a minute later I heard them scurry around and we KNEW Santa had been there. Later they said how we had looked out the window and they had seen Santa passing in the sky just before the fun drama. I will never forget that night! We didnt have a mess of gifts that year, it was so sparse, but the memory of 25 years ago…that is worth more than any material THING ever made or marketed!

  550. I was an only child so the years my cousins would come for Christmas were very special to me.

  551. amanda lebeck says:

    My favorite christmas memory is probably they year my daughter was 4. She was so excited and knew what to expect so it was delightful.

  552. Nikkie Cossairt says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is spending time with the whole family at my Grams and Gramps house before Gramps passed. Now I get to spend every year with Grams because she lives with us now :)

  553. my favorite christmas memory was when i got my first guitar i was so excited
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  554. having Christmas dinner with loved ones

  555. The first time we took our oldest son to see the Christmas lights. I have never seen him happier than he was that night. He practically skipped through the property, and was in complete awe. Still brings tears to my eyes when I think about it.

  556. Rachel Ellis says:

    My favorite Christmas memory is baking cookies with my mom.

  557. Amy Pullifrone says:

    When my husband proposed to me soooo many years ago.

  558. jhyrel pommells says:

    my favourite christmas memory is from when i was really young still living in jamaica, decorating our huge tree (not a christmas tree!) in our front yard. in hindsight it probably looked crazy, but my sisters and i loved decorating that thing!!

  559. Helping to put up the Christmas tree when I was younger. I loved helping my mom put up the tree and hanging the ornaments and tinsel.

  560. Bruce Mccaster says:

    My favorite christmas memory is when i was 8 or 7 and my mom bought me a gamecube.I was sooo happy

  561. Cathleen Gilliland says:

    About 4 Christmas ago, my oldest daughter had just finished painting and decorating their new home. So after we finally convinced my 3 Granddaughters they really need to sleep, we did our Christmas Eve marathon of wrapping presents and settled into our Christmas jammies. So it is about 3a.m. and I am stretched across the couch trying to grab a few hours sleep and my gruesome twosome were in side by side recliners watching the fireplace and tree lights and they start whispering “hey, this is just like when we were kids…” ” except we don’t need to peek at the presents” “do you think Mom can hear us”……It felt good to hear them giggle about their remembrance of back in the day coming forward to where we are today!

  562. tina reynolds says:

    first christmas all three kids were old enough to be super excited

  563. My favourite Christmas memory is when my sister and I would put on a play that we would work on all day putting together on Christmas Eve.

  564. Waking up to a white christmas.

  565. Brian Kautz says:

    Skating on the backyard rink my dad built

  566. Susan Smoaks says:

    i loved the year that i got a new bike

  567. Any Christmas memory with my mother – she’s been gone almost 15 years now

  568. Taking a trip by train to Alabama from California. Then being the only kid allowed to go with Grandma to town shopping. I remember hearing Silver Bells on the radio for the first time.

  569. My favorite Christmas memory is getting an Easy Bake Oven from Santa

  570. Mihaela Day says:

    The memories dearest to my heart are those of my mother decorating the tree and cooking :)

  571. Christmas morning opening stockings and having a yummy special breakfast, made by my Mom.

  572. I remember waking up one year to find presents stacked taller than the tree. We had to wait on my brother to show up to open them and I was so anxious waiting.
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  573. wondering how my micronauts christmas gift got under the tree when i was the last to leave the house and first one back in!?!?
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  574. Making Christmas cookies with my grandparents!

  575. Opening a present on Christmas Eve

  576. My favorite Christmas memory is decorating cookies with my grandma.

  577. Rebecca Brewer says:

    Watching my daughter jump up and down screaming with joy:)


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